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Marco Mazzanti Osteopata Bologna
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Via Dei Mille 12

"Full health must be achieved, don't wait"

Chiama Marco Mazzanti osteopata
Mazzanti Marco Viso leggera

I am trained in all osteopathic manual procedures:  STRUCTURAL, VISCERAL and CRANIAL-SACRAL. I identify and intervene on somatic dysfunctions by restoring the correct mobility of and between body structures, with the aim of improving the functioning of systems and systems and supporting the patient's homeostasis. Taking advantage of the organism's intrinsic ability to tend towards self-healing, I intervene in a context that respects the relationship between body, mind and spirit

Send a whatsapp to ask for an appointment or simple information

Contatta Marco Mazzanti tramite whatsapp

Structural Osteopathy

Structural osteopathy focuses on the musculoskeletal system, including joints, muscles, ligaments, and vascular and lymphatic systems, with a biomechanical focus. I identify and normalize dysfunctions caused by stress or trauma, restoring correct movement on all spatial planes.


Visceral Osteopathy

Visceral osteopathy focuses on internal organs and their mobility. I consider the interactions between organs, musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Through delicate manual techniques, the mobility of the organs will be improved, relieving pain and re-establishing functional balance.


Cranio-Sacral Osteopathy

I apply "modern" cranio-sacral osteopathy which revises the classical method based on the most recent studies, aiming to improve the functionality of the central nervous system, relieve tension, reduce pain and promote general well-being.

(FAQ) Frequent questions

Tempo di una seduta osteopatica

What is the treatment time?

45', but I recommend keeping an hour free in case we need more time.

Costo di una seduta osteopatica a Bologna

How much does it cost?

€75 can be paid in cash, by card, debit card, Paypal, Satispay, ApplePay, AMEX, cheque.

Quante sedute osteopatiche servono

How many sessions are needed?

Sometimes just one treatment is enough, other times 3 or 4 a week or months apart... it depends on the ailment, there are no protocols.

educazione posrturale Bologna

Do you also do Postural Education?

Yes, the postural education course can be done in the studio and/or independently through the INFIT app (see the dedicated page)


Contact me

The doctor receives by appointment only. Send a whatsapp, an e-mail or fill out the form. You will be contacted within the day.

Telephone number: 333.9457304


The Bologna office is located in Via Dei Mille 12, it is located outside the ZTL (limited traffic), so it can also be easily reached by car.

🚘 Free parking
🚌 Stop in front of the studio
🚃 Central Station 8 ' walk

Thanks for contacting me

How to reach the studio

The Bologna office is located in Via Dei Mille 12, it is outside the ZTL (limited traffic zone), so you can easily come by car.
🚘 Free Parking
🚌 Stop in front of the studio
🚂 Central Station 8 ' walk

🅿️ Where do I park if I come by car?
In the partner car park "Parcheggio GT" in via del porto 5. I'll offer you the first hour of parking: bring the coupon you receive from the valet with you to the studio so I can put my stamp on it. Click on the map to get driving directions.

🚌  If I come by bus?
The bus stop is right in via dei mille 12, under the studio.
You can arrive with the number
11, 28, 87, 92, 94, 101, 446

🚂  If I come by train?
Get off at Central Station and it will take you 8 minutes on foot, take a look at the map.

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